Splemdid Yoga with Leigha Nicole

with Leigha Nicole

Leigha has been offering transformational bodywork since 1986 in both private and clinical settings. She combines deep-tissue techniques with soothing, integrative movements to create an energetically balanced effect in the body. Her bodywork is designed to:
* Address chronic injuries through softening scar tissue
* Reduce acute pain by rehabilitating muscle tissue and attachments
* Realign the skeletal structure by eliminating blockages and abherations
* Increase the free flow of prana (vital essence) in the body

Leigha started her bodywork training with a 2 year apprenticeship with renowned physical therapist Nate Schulman. In the years following, she studied many different healing modalities at Easlen Institute which included an Advanced Triggerpoint certification with Arthur Munyer. It was there that Leigha met her primary teacher William "Dub" Leigh. She went on to complete 3 separate certification trainings with him through the International Zen Therapy Institute®. Dub Leigh's Bodytherapy® is a technique that synthesizes the biochemistry work of Ida Rolf with the centering practices of zazen meditation.

Leigha spent 8 years working at chiropractic offices and healing centers in Agoura Hills and Westlake, California before building her private practice. Her clientele grew to include yoga teachers, doctors, attorneys, CEO's, professional dancers and musicians, as well as industry notables that include: trumpeter legend Doc Severinsen (The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson) and comedian Paul Reiser (Mad about You).